We have many branches throughout the country, so we trust there is a group near you. If this is not the case, please contact us to discover rosarians near you, and the National Executive will actively encourage a group to come together.

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Please complete the membership form and email or post it to our Treasurer.

If you have moved house in the last 12 months please contact the Treasurer to let us know, otherwise your mail will be sent to your old address.


Treasurer HRNZI:

Treasurer – Graeme Veale

31 Bullock Drive, Springvale, Whanganui 4501

Learn the Secrets of Growing Beautiful Roses:- An invitation to join us.

Do you have rose envy?
Do you crave a romantic garden?
Have you bought your first home with garden and literally feel overwhelmed?
Do you feel that growing roses is too difficult, too prickly, too disease prone and only experts have success?
Do you love a perfume filled space to entertain?
Do you love sharing your passion of roses with others?
Do you enjoy visiting gardens?
Do you want to learn how to have a magnificent rose space regardless of size?

If you answered yes to all these questions please join us.  It will be the most rewarding decision you have ever made. 

Heritage Roses New Zealand Inc is a National Organisation with branches throughout the country as well as affiliations globally.  Sharing knowledge for the love of the rose, especially old roses, many of which came to New Zealand with the first settlers and need to be conserved.
Members learn how to grow roses successfully, choose the ideal rose for their requirements, make decisions on roses that bloom once in spring or repeat bloom throughout summer, visit gardens and attend conventions.

We are looking forward to meeting you! 

“Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose”    Gertrude Stein 1874 -1946

Roses at Trinity Farm, Otaki, NZ Photo by Lloyd Chapman

New Zealand Branches

Bay of Plenty
South Canterbury
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