HR Conferences & Groups

International Conferences

Year Conference Number City Country Convenor
1984 1 Hawera NZ Roger Springett
1986 2 Adelaide Australia Trevor Nottle
1988 3 Los Angeles USA Clair Martin
1990 4 Christchurch NZ Kaye Stokes
1993 5 Adelaide Australia David Ruston
1996 6 Los Angeles  USA  Clair Martin & Mary Brosius
1997 7 Cambridge England Peter Beales
1999 8 Lyon France Odile Masquelier
2001 9 Charleston USA Ruth Knopf
2005 10 Dunedin NZ Fran Rawling
2007 11 Chaalis France Francois Joyaux
2011 12 Sakura Japan Katsuhiko Maebara
2013 13 Sangerhausen Germany Hella Brumme
2016 14 Beijing China Zhao Shiwei


Cancelled due to COVID-19

15 Brussels Belgium Henrianne de Briey & Frans Thomas

Note: In 2003 there was the Sangerhausen Centenary in Sangerhausen, Germany with Hella Brumme as the Convenor.

Heritage Roses New Zealand Inc. National Conferences

2012 1st National Conference Dunedin Fran Rawling
2018 2nd National Conference Whangarei Olga Yuretich

Countries with Heritage Groups and their Founders

1975 First Heritage Rose Group was set up by Miriam Wilkins in California USA
1979 Heritage Roses in Australia - Founder by Trevor Nottle
1980 Heritage Roses New Zealand co-founded by Toni Sylvester and Ken Nobbs
1989 South Africa
1997 Rose Anciennes en France Founded by Odile Masquelier
1990 Historic Rose Group UK
1989 Heritage Rose Foundation USA
1984 Bermuda Rose Society Founded to Preserve their “Mystery Roses”